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Please ensure you arrive 30 minutes before the start of your booked time to allow for your safety briefing.

SOAR welcomes adults and children with Additional Needs and runs an ‘Additional Needs’ session every Thursday at 4pm to 5pm during term time during the school holidays it is 5pm to 6pm. This session is quieter and more relaxed to allow adults and children with additional needs to explore the world of trampolining with their carers. (Please note that sometimes this session may change time so please make sure you check the front page of the website before booking). All carers must be 18 or over.

We understand that not everyone can always attend this session and that questions may be raised to whether a standard SOAR ‘Open Jump’ Session would be suitable, here is our advice.

Everyone attending ‘Open Jump’ must watch a safety briefing and be able to follow some simple instructions, for example: no running, one person per trampoline at all times etc. If you are unable to watch the video or follow instructions then attending during our peak sessions is not advisable.

We would recommend anyone not able to follow instruction or guidance attend the Additional Needs Session.

SOAR ‘Open Jump’ Sessions can be very busy at the weekends, this is our peak time. If noisy and busy situations lead to feelings of anxiety then this may not be the right time to attend, we’d recommend visiting our ‘Additional Needs’ session or our Off-Peak 'Open Jump' during the week.

Music is played during a SOAR ‘Open Jump’ Session, this is played at a reasonable volume as it fills a very large area and helps create an atmosphere and experience for our jumpers. We wouldn’t be able to adjust the volume at our peak times but we are committed to making our ‘Additional Needs’ session more comfortable during the week.

Carers are admitted free of charge and they must be booked in with the person they are caring for to ensure a space is allocated.

Carers must also complete a Safety Contract, watch the safety briefing and be seen to be caring at all times.

Carers must not leave the participant unattended to free bounce.

If you are not able to stand unaided to bounce we recommend attending the Additional Needs Session only. Our safety briefing for SOAR advises all participants not to sit or rest on the trampoline area, therefore it is not advisable for those who need to remain seated on a trampoline to attend during busy/peak sessions.

Trampolining is an inclusive sport that can be enjoyed by most age groups and abilities but trampolining is unsuitable for those with the following conditions:

  • Pregnancy
  • Spinal Rods
  • Positive Atlantoaxial Instability (AAI) Screening
  • Achrondroplasia (Dwarfism)
  • Brittle Bones
  • Detaching Retina

Please note this list is not exhaustive and all participants are encouraged to discuss participation in the sport with a qualified medical practitioner.


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